American Green Leaf is becoming a pioneer in the health sector through hemp. They came to Nucleus Web Solutions needing branding, logo design, hosting, and a web site. We started from the ground up to give AGL the clean and sterile design they were after as well as an inviting logo to bring awareness to their cause to cure America through the huge benefits of hemp oils and waxes. American Green Leaf was more than satisfied with the outcome and look forward to a bright future with their business.


ABCO Carpet Cleaning is a locally based business in Lexington, Ky offering great customer service and superior carpet cleaning . They came to us not only looking for a new eye-catching website but to bring new and interested customers to that site. They needed a web presence to stand out above the crowd and here at Nucleus Web Solutions we think we delivered. With eye popping blues that contrast against bright whites we think ABCO Carpet has the website to get them the clientele they are after.


Berland Development Group is a property development company with an outstanding eye for creating and developing beautiful properties. From air plain hangers to full apartment complexes Berland needed a clean and simple site to showcase their work. This is our bread and butter here at Nucleus. We used a beautiful lightbox gallery that presented their properties in a professional light. Berland also needed to have access to their site on the back end to update new properties. We gave them our easy to use back-end manager that is as easy as typing a word document.


Elemental Analysis is a privately own Laboratory that specializes in both nondestructive and state of the art forms of analytical chemistry. They have a vast array of detection limits that range from sub-percent, to as small as parts-per-quadrillion.  When working with Elemental Analysis, not only did we learn the fascinating aspects of what they do but we also learned how we could successfully help them in creating a modern, sleek design that reflects the clean laboratory look and feel. It was a very comfortable and familiar design for them. As if creating their website was not enough, we did not stop there. We actually sat down and worked with them on a new logo. They wanted a fresh start to their web presence and we were more than welcome to make that happen.


Fields in Bloom is an amazing floral design company that specializes in flower arrangements and bouquets for weddings. When they contacted us, they were in need of a new “freshly designed” website to keep up with their rapidly growing design business. Fields in Bloom loved the clean, “airy”, simplistic feel to truly pull the attention to their flower arrangements and to captivate their visitors by the vivid colors in the pictures. Working with Fields in Bloom has been our pleasure and we are excited to be a part of their beautifully designed business.


The Research Group of Lexington is a local, independent firm that was established in 2004 for the purpose of developing medication for the new tomorrow. It is owned and run by respected doctors that have been a part of the community for more than 30 years. The Research Group of Lexington specializes in producing reliable data for various types of clinical trials. We were approached by them when they also had decided they wanted a fresh, clean start to their online presence. We enjoyed working with them on creating a unique, personalized, modern feeling website as well as designing a brand new logo for them. We were very privileged to work side by side with them while they made amazing advancements in the medical world, and we helped them reach more people with a new and improved website.


Ramsey Rental is a rental property company located just outside of Eastern Kentucky University campus in Richmond, Ky catering to college students looking for a nice and comfortable place to live. They came to us needing a fresh start to their old and outdated website. This site features an easy and intuitive way for potential customers to search for their new home. From houses to apartments, people can find what they are looking for fast and efficiently. Ramsey Rental went with our site updating service so creating new content for their site is a breeze.


Patient Choice Ultrasound and Thermography is a local clinic here in Lexington, KY located by Fayette Mall offering ultrasound for patients at a fraction of the cost and Thermography as a alternative solution to radiation . They came to NWS for a website from scratch that told their story in a way that really captured their vision. We also designed their logo and gave them a big presence on many social media platforms. They now have a large following that is engaged thus bringing Patient Choice Ultrasound and Thermography business through out Kentucky.

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