Does this sound familiar? Today’s small business MUST have a social media presence. It’s the future! It’s the present! If you aren’t on social media, you’re missing out!


Well, sure, any business can create a “presence” on social media. But without these four things (and a few more), the truth is that you’re unlikely to see results:

1. An understanding of how, and why, your present and future customers use social media

2. A consistent strategy

3. Clear, measurable goals

4. Results you can monitor and track

So starting a Facebook or Instagram account because that’s where your customers spend time is a good start, but what next? We can help.

So What Can Social Media Marketing--DONE RIGHT-- Do For Your Business?

Learn more about your target market! Actual DATA, rather than guesses, means less wasted time and more sales.

Respond to and fix problems of frustrated customers BEFORE their post goes viral and tells their 1000+ “friends” (and their “friends”) what a horrible experience they had with your product or service.

When social media users share your content, it boosts your search engine ranking and visibility to searchers.

Shape and monitor your brand identity.

Build customer loyalty and trust.

Lets you measure and track how your ads and outreach are performing--daily, weekly, or monthly.

Fine-tune your ads to EXACTLY who you choose, based on age, geography, interests, and many other factors you choose.

The Next Step

We can create and manage social media accounts and ad campaigns that connect you with customers and boost your brand. Fill out this (very brief) contact form or give us a call at 859-813-4980, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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