Do I Need A Copywriter For My Website?

Do you need your web site to do something for your business, other than occupy space on a server and cost you monthly hosting fees?


If so, the answer is yes. Your business needs a professional copywriter to write your content. Investing in good copy is one of the smartest business investments you’ll ever make.

What's So Special About Copywriters?

Copywriters know how to write for THE WEB. It’s different from writing reports, essays, stories, or anything print-based, and requires training and experience to do it right.


Copywriters know how to sell. They understand that you have only a few seconds to convince your site visitor that you understand their problem and can be trusted to solve it.

They save you tons of time. We know you really mean to get those pages written, but sometimes business -- and life -- gets in the way.


Copywriters write TO people, not AT them. They write in a direct, approachable, style that pulls readers in (and doesn’t put them to sleep or send them bouncing straight to your competition.)

What Our Copyrighting Service Can Do For You

Web copy - We can write your entire web site.

Landing pages - Need a special page that gets the visitor to do ONE thing (sign up for an email list, buy a product, ask for a consultation)? A copywriter can create a landing page that’s more likely to get the results you need.

Blog posts and articles - Keep your content fresh with regular blog posts on your site. We can write posts or articles for many different industries.

Downloadable content - Offer an article or short ebook for download, in exchange for a name and email address. Just let us know what you need.

The Next Step

Our expert copywriting services can bring you more leads and sales, while saving you time and hassle. If you’d like more info, fill out this (very brief) form or give us a call at 859-813-4980.

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